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The MAC-911 and UPN programs (and Applications) are intended as support communication platforms to assist user members with emergency communication and to report life threatening incidents.
As is the case with any other platform, the involvement of other (third party) entities, play a role in the ultimate service delivery.
Whilst every endeavour is made to have your signal (message) delivered to the appropriate authorities and/or personal contacts, we do NOT render an ABSOLUTE guarantee that such will be the case.
Force majeure, breakdown in the services of mobile services platforms and other third party facilities, and/or maintenance on those platforms, are all factors which may influence the outcomes of the service we render.
Furthermore, we endeavour, with the professional assistance of third party entities, to determine positions by way of GPS and/or tri-angulation where required and where possible. These outsourced services have limitations. Our services are limited by their operational limitations.
MAC-911 / UPN does not take any responsibility for failure of communications to links such as friends; it is the ultimate responsibility of the member to ensure their friendsí contact information is updated regularly.
We undertake to do whatever is humanly possible to service a caller in distress. We have no control whatsoever over response crews (SAPS, Traffic, Fire, EMS) as these entities respond in terms of their own, respective protocols.